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Published: 06th October 2008
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Summary: Personal loans in India for unemployed people are generally long-term. Unemployed people in India do manage to repay such loan on time. Generally, such loans can be repaid within two years to twenty five years at the most in India.

There are loans that are specifically tailored for the unemployed potential borrowers. What they only need is that they must be at least 18 years old at the time of application for such loan. Moreover, they must have an active bank account which must be at least three months old. They must also bear self residential proof and proof of income.

It is generally a herculean task for an unemployed person to gather an amount of money to initiate a business. But, to start up, such aspirants can always look for personal loans in India. Normally, unemployed people in India are not in a position to secure an asset for procuring loans. So, such personal loans are normally unsecured loans which do not call for securing valuable assets. However, as such loans do not always call for security, they bear relatively higher rate of interest.

Besides utilising such personal loans in India to start up a business, they can also be utilised to pay medical treatment bills, purchase a car or bike, renovate homes, planning for dream vacation etc. The loan sought depends on the credit report of the respective seeker. This indicates that it could really help the potential borrower if he gets a copy of his credit report prior to applying for one such loan. One must also verify the credit report to ensure that there is no any error in it. Any mistake on it can affect the terms of ones loan, particularly when there is any negative indication. However, an aspirant who is beside himself to start up a business but unable to initiate just because of bad credit can look for loan tailored for bad credit in India. With the aid of such bad credit business start up loans a bad credit aspirant can plunge into his dream business. Basically, such loans are of two types-- secured and unsecured.

In case of the bad credit secured loans a potential borrower has to secure a property against the loan amount. The properties that can be secured may be a home, bank balance, car or any other commercial property. On the other hand, if one is applying for an unsecured loan one need not secure any property against it. But, such business start up unsecured loans call for relatively higher rate of interest. However, if one devotes time to do a bid of research one can find a deal that is actually the most affordable. With such start up loan a bad credit holder can start up his business or regain his status in the business. Moreover, by repaying the loan on time one can revamp ones poor credit score. Such loans in India are flexible as well.

The business start up loans generally require a thorough business plan and a lot of details pertaining to ones financial position. If the potential borrower needs the fund faster, he can get it though the loan is without a security.

Procuring a loan indicates that one should shop around first, and then sign it only after one is sure that it is a good deal. By devoting certain time on the Internet one can get several on-line quotes for personal loans in India in a very short time. While applying for such loan one should make time to compare things like the interest rates, time duration that one has to repay the loan, and the amount of money one can get. One should even consider the overall costs as well in case one gets a loan.

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